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Weight Management

AquaSource Lighten-Up! - 200g Vanilla


Nutritional Protein Powder with Organic Pea Isolate, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Siberian Ginseng

Our Lighten-Up! Nutritional Protein Powder is packed with natural source ingredients to provide efficient, balanced nutrition to help maintain health and energy while engaged in almost any weight management programme.

Also, containing AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood*, it is a nutrition powerhouse that is hard to beat!


AquaSource Remove Program - 140 capsules - Greece


Remove Toxins and Thoroughly Cleanse Your intestines for a Fresh Start Towards Optimal Digestion. Our gastrointestinal system is an incredibly complex ecosystem of bacteria and other diverse microorganisms. When kept in proper balance, they all work together to properly break down the food we eat and absorb nutrition efficiently. Normally, this complexity can be most easily maintained by a balanced diet that is rich in plant-based foods. However, this complex balance can sometimes be disrupted by illness, environment, certain medicines and treatments, as well as poor diet. For these reasons, it can then become necessary to thoroughly cleanse and replenish your intestinal tract so that optimal absorption of nutrition can be achieved and maintained.